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Star Dishwash Round

Have you ever felt that sense of guilt when you see your dishwash bar melt away on your sink top?

In response to this Star Launched the The first-ever round shaped revolutionary dish wash bar to our Srilankan market.

The clear advantage that Star Dishwash Round has over the traditional rectangular bars is the fact that it ensures optimum usage & zero wastage.

Each of Star’s Round Dishwash tub comes with a FREE scrubber and an individual tub that frees up your kitchen space from unwanted clutter and gives it a neater look.

The innovative Anti-Sogg formula prevents excessive melting of the bar when in contact with water, which makes the Star Dish Wash Round last longer & a great value for money choice.

Star dishwash round is another ideal example to all our  satisfied customers- of a Value for money innovative household addition!


Star Dishwash Round Available in: 250g & 500g Tubs


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