About Us

About us

In the Late 1980’s, inside the backyard of founder Siraj Wahid’s humble home, the brand “Starlight” had already begun silently laying  its foundation.

Hand crafted in wooden boxes and stamped with a steel mould, his beloved mother found her way of providing his many siblings with a cost effective approach of caring for their clothes. This  physical composition of laundry soap enlightened  within him  an idea that would later go on to become a leading competitor and a nationally recognized brand in SriLanka’s household market.

Built on a 3 Acre block of land in 1996 with state of the art facilities, Starlight was established on the vision of creating products on a “Value For Money” basis with the consumers’ best interest at heart. 

Star Holdings is one of the few names – which is instantly recognized as a true Sri Lankan brand, that took on mighty multinationals and went on to redefine ‘Customer Satisfaction.’


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